Motion Graphics Services at a flat rate

Do you wish to use animation to advance your marketing? Use the most economical motion graphics solution available to elevate your creative work.tick


Your media should have motion.

Your static graphics become dynamic showstoppers thanks to motion graphics. We can create anything from start or work with your current assets. Let us carry out your imaginative concept without bothering you.

Improve your media.

By converting static images into compelling animated social media advertising or by including animated text in already existing video material, you may increase paid conversion rates.

Create animated presentations

By incorporating motion into your slides, you can convert your still visuals into moving graphics and give your presentation designs more heft.

Make product explanation videos

Animated product explainers can help you reach your conversion and retention goals. This is excellent for producing on-demand product demos or overviews.

Why choose PixaYogi?

PixaYogi is a flat-rate and all-in-one creative enablement platform and the only subscription creative services company that offers real-time communication with your designer via Slack.

Unmatched skills

Work together with PixaYogi’s skilled in-house Motion Graphics artists during business hours. They have extensive training in all phases of animation.

Time savings

With a streamlined creative process, ready-to-use animation files, quick turnarounds, and end-to-end workflow management, you can increase your productivity.

Cost efficiency

With a flat-rate subscription that offers you the freedom to scale up or down based on your business needs, you can elevate your creativity on a budget. No extra costs. No agreements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Motion graphics are animated images or designs that give the impression of movement and help you connect with your audience more effectively.

The main format will be MP4. We will also deliver the After Effects source file (AEP) and MOV file format if you need it for transparent Motion Graphics assets.

Yes, but the video needs to be the final version – Motion Graphics does not include video editing. We also cannot work on videos longer than 5 minutes, as that is the maximum length of output for Motion Graphics videos we create for you.

We use Adobe After Effects.

No, but if you have a voice-over ready we can add it!

No, but you can send your music or sound effects to be added. Just tell us where in the video you want specific sound effects or music to play. You must send us licensed audio files that you are allowed to use. You can find royalty-free music to use at Pixabay Music, Shutterstock, Adobe, or even YouTube Studio (some are free, others are paid for).

Motion Graphics is included in Premium include Presentation Graphics Premium.
All plans include Adobe source files, unlimited requests, and unlimited changes.

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